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Mark's Gospel Questions and Final Reflection
The Gospel Intros and Mark -- DLD Assignment Questions
DLD Feedback Input
Thursday 5-28-2020 – Mark’s Gospel: 8:27-10:45 – The Heart of Mark and His Critique
Mark's Gospel as Whole 5-26-2020
Mark's Gospel as Whole 5-26-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-21-2020
Introduction to the Gospels Continued 5-21-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-18-2020
Introduction to the Gospels 5-18-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-14-2020
Corona Care and the Good News 5-14-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-12-2020
Introduction to the Psalms 5-12-2020
Exodus 7:8-15:27 Friday 5-8-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-6-2020
Asynchronous Exodus Reading and Reflection 5-6-2020
Recorded Scripture Reflection 5-1-2020
Friday May 1st Tower of Babel Discussion
The Tower of Babel 4/29/2020
Scripture Reflection Recording 4-27-2020
Noah and the Flood 4-27-2020
Cain and Abel CSI - April 23, 2020
Scripture Reading Recording and Reflection 4-23-2020
Link to Hudson's Recording NOT Working....
Scripture Reflection 4-21-2020
Gratitude Journal Reflection
Good Friday Reflection and Assignment 4-10-2020
Scripture Reflection Practice for 4-8-2020
Genesis 3 - Adam and Eve for 4-8-2020
Scripture Reflection for 4-6-2020
Genesis 2:2-15 Reflections 4-5-2020
Scripture Reflection for 4-1-2020
Scripture Reflection Discussion 4-1-2020
Genesis 1 and Contemporary Insights 4-1-2020
Scripture Reflection for Monday, 3-3-2020
Karin Vandenburgh's Scripture Recording
Genesis 1 on 3-30-2020
Quest Part Two
Sophomore Scripture Quest – Part One
Adding to and Editing Quest Questions 3/20/2020
Creating Test Questions 3/18/2020
Schedule of Student Scripture Prayer/Reflections
Morning Prayer Reflection on Reading Guidelines
Sophomore Scripture Quest – Part One