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TED Talk -- Stroke of Insight
The World Keeps Turning Final Meditation Song
Final Paper 5-15-2020
Tuesday Class Instructions 5/5/202
Final Five Days Together Schedule
Transitions Essays
Unfinished Business and Changes 4-28-2020
Transitions: Endings and Navigating Them 4/24/2020
Transitions Wed 4/22/2020
Transitions -- Making Sense of Life's Changes 4/20
Holy Thursday Reflection/Assignment 4-9-2020
World Keeps Turning Meditation 4-7-2020
Summative Silence -- 4-3-2020
Cultivating Connection
Silence Ch Six (Part Two) -- "Paying Attention" pp 156-164
Silence Ch Six -- "Paying Attention" pp. 143-156
Silence chapter five "The Power Of Stillness"
Silence Chapter Four (pp. 95-114) March 19, 2020
Thich Nhat Hanh's Silence pp. 69-91 for 3/17/2020
Digital Learning Announcement
Thomas Keating in New York Times
Anxiety-Reducng Music
Body Scan Tape
Syllabus -- East-West Meditation
Life Calendar